Weirdest Libations From Around the Globe

You do not have to travel all the way around the world to freak yourself out drinking weird alcohols.  You can get a lot of it online or even in your local wine or specialty liquor store. However there are quite a few libations that are so exotic that they probably would not even let them into the country because they would not pass FDA inspection.


A good example is the very odd Baby Mice Wine that is made from placing about two dozen three day old baby mice in a bottle of rice win and letting them ferment for a year or two. Then they drink the mice juice.  The reason for taking a few swigs of this is to cure whatever it is that might possibly ever ail you. It is supposed to be a magic elixir.


Another interesting concoction, straight from the Alaska Distillery, is vodka that is infused with the unusual flavor of smoked salmon. Even the makers of the vodka don’t advise drinking it straight and suggest that it goes best mixed into a Bloody Mary or a Bloody Caesar. This is vodka guaranteed to give any cocktail a fishy taste. It is probably ideal used in a dressing for potato salad.


If you thought yogurt was a health food then you might be surprised to learn that you can buy an alcoholic version that is mixed with tropical fruit juices. This is called Yogurito. It is made in Holland, bottle in France and sold mostly to the Japanese.


If you like mixing your weed with your booze then you will enjoy Kierewiet that is a Cannabis liquor that hails from Amsterdam. This liquor is bright neon green.


There is also herbal liquor out there that is guaranteed to vitalize your sex life. Mamajuana is a concoction made from herbs, sticks and special woods that are soaked in wine, rum and honey for several weeks.  This liquor is often also nicknamed liquid Viagra. It is a staple drink in the Dominican Republic where it is revered for endowing men with extra sexual vigor.


A booze with a weird texture is Pulque, that is sometimes also called “sweet milk vodka.” This is a thick, milk-colored booze made from aloe plants in Mexico. It comes in aluminum cans nowadays but the Mexicans have been drinking it since the days of the Aztecs.


Do you like creepy vodka with bugs in it? If so then you will love the novelty known as Scorpion Vodka which comes with a full size scorpion in the bottle. The scorpion is said to give the vodka a woody taste.  This is a Southwest American treat.