Tippmann X7 M16 Saves Money In Batteries

One of the most popular military style paint guns is the Tippman X7 M16 not only because it looks like the real thing but because it is so versatile. First of all you can get this styled with different triggers including the response gas trigger, the standard trigger or the Tippmann E-Grip trigger system.  This style of gun also comes with the renowned Cyclone feed system, which can save you a lot of money.

The reason the Tippman X7 M16 is such an economical paint gun to own is because you save so much money in batteries.  If you are a serious player you can squander hundreds of dollars in batteries just keeping your gun alive.  You can get a low profile hopper that clicks right into stock hopper and you can turn the hopper on and off which helps prevent the draining of batteries.

A real virtue of the Tippman X7 M16 is the assault carrying handle. This unique grip gives the gun a raised sight rail  There is also a M16 vertical handle that has a foregrip so that when you are shooting from hip level it is easier for you to take aim. Many of the well upgraded X7 guns that have been outfitted with M16 attributes also have a scope mounted on a side rail. This helps provide an unobstructed view for aim and shoot situations.

This is also a good gun for close up fighting. The rate of fire is excellent and with a E-grip can be used on full auto so you can blast away at the enemy from both close and far ranges. The reason you want that kind of machine gun fire is because once you do take that first shot you want to keep firing repeatedly as your location will be given away.

Of course the Tippman X7 M16 is also a great sniper gun because you can startle and alarm the enemy with the rapid fire you are able to achieve using any of the upgrades for this sophisticated paint marker. They don’t have time to react if you can blast them with pellets ruthlessly and relentlessly the minute that your position is revealed. The fact that this is such a sophisticated and quick firing piece of paintball weaponry gives you a big edge over the other team especially if you have to keep shooting while running from one type of cover to another (from field to forest.)