Weird Booze Brands Owned By Celebrities

There are a lot of different things that celebrities can endorse or own but surprisingly few actually have their own alcohol brands.  Mostly you see perfumes, running shoes or clothing endorsed by celebrities.  What is equally surprising is how weird the marketing is of these brands and sometimes the taste too.  That is probably because the aim seems to be more about making the branded alcohol a collector’s item.


Do you remember the all boy’s band Hanson? Hanson, the nineties sensation that had adolescent girls screaming their heads off, came out with their own brand of beer in 2011 called MMMHop Beer.  The beer, that is rumored to have a recipe that is not quite perfected, comes hot on the heels of the band’s other novelty products including Handson Chocolates and Hansonopoly.


One alcoholic spirit that has received rave reviews from absinthe drinkers everywhere is Marilyn Manson’s Mansinthe. This popular brand was launched in 2007 and it is said to be the purest absinthe that can be bought on the market. It does not contain any additional colors or ingredients and it contains the maximum amount of wormwood allowed to make it legal.  The fact that it is so natural means that it must be kept out of natural sunlight for fear of damaging its color.  The liquor can actually fade.  True to the Satanist singer’s reputation the product contains 66.6% alcohol.


Donald Trump also has his own vodka.  The slogan for the brand is that it is “Success Distilled.”  This vodka, launched in 2006, was used to make Trump n’ Tonics. However like many other Trump brands such as Trump Mortgage and Trump: The Game it did not do that well and stopped production.  Bottles of this vodka are now quite pricey because they are so hard to find.


Danny DeVito made tabloid news headlines when he was caught getting drunk on Limoncello in public. It was soon discovered that the seven Limoncello drinks that were his downfall came from his own brand of the libation. The  De Vito Limoncello cleverly comes in a bottle with a “scratch n’ sniff” labels.


A really popular vodka is Dan Akyroyd’s Crystal Skull vodka, which come s in a glass bottle that looks just like a skull.  The vodka is quadruple distilled and diluted to 80 proof and filtered four times through Herkimer diamonds; quartz crystals with mystical properties.  Since 2007 this vodka, that has a truly impressive skull-head decanter, has been very popular.