The Tippman Paintball XY

The Tippmann Paintball XY is considered to be one of the most versatile and customizable paintball guns on the market. Many shops and online vendors have nicknamed it the ultimate scenario paintball gun because you can add just about any milsim upgrade to it. If you are a stealthy player you will love the way you can make it look like a real sniper’s rifle.

You can make the Tippmann Paintball X7 look as innocent as a Fisher Price toy or you can make it look and handle like a really scenario weapon.  You can now make this incredible recreational weapon look like an urban assault rifle, a sniper rifle or a Mad Max type gun from the future. Many of the upgrades that can be offered are both practical or just flashy looking or both.

There are scores of upgrades for this gun but one of the most popular is the marker carbine stock barrel. Not only does it have a lot of functional uses but it just looks cool. It looks like something a character would wield in a cutting edge video game.

Paintball enthusiasts love the Tippmann Paintball X7 because it is so easy to make it look like a real assault weapon. In fact you could get arrested carrying it to the paintball field.  There are all sorts of different magazines that you can attach to the Tippman Paintball X7 including the M16, AK47,MP5, X-G36 or a short assault magazine. The MP5 magazine is available as a straight or curved unit. If you prefer police or military look you can get mock type silencers in long or short versions.

This is also the paintball gun you want to get if you like to “shoot from the hip.”  You can acquire an M16 vertical handle for the foregrip area that lets you hold the gun down low. Of course you might be sacrificing some accuracy for shooting in this way but you will certainly look deadly as you take a casual shot like this.

However if you like to lie prone in the grass and shoot than this is the paintball gun for a sniper like you. Many of the add on stocks on the Tipmann Paintball X7 come with only one line. Without the double overlay of gas lines the bottom of the gun is flatter so it is a lot easier to lie the gun flat and silently make your way through the grass without having the gun high enough for your enemies to spot it.  This is why this customizable paintball gun is sometimes just nicknamed the “sniper.” It is perfect for players who are “snakes in the grass.”