Really Weird Booze

There are some new libations out on the market that can only be described as being “really weird booze.”  It is one thing to like fine wine and another to like a 100 year old scotch and yet another to indulge in the world’s first “Tobacco Flavored Vodka.”   This is made by a company called IAMABITCH.  People who have sampled it say it tastes just like licking the bottom of an ashtray.


The company PRUNO has also come out with two bizarre liquors. The orange-flavored PRUNO tastes just like a glass of Tang. The grape-flavored version tastes like grape Popsicle.


Another weird new libation is stoked, which is officially called “Hemp flavored vodka.”  Those who have sampled it have compared the taste to licking a damp straw doormat.  If you know what that actually tastes like from personal experience then you are unfortunate. Maybe mixing a bit of orange juice with that could improve the taste.


There is a kind of racist new booze out just called Purple Drank.  This is practically rubbing alcohol colored with caramel. It is made by a company called Sippin’ Sizzurp and the stuff is sold in a Sizzurp Flazzk Pocket Pint that is ideal for concealing under your trench coat before you pass out drunk in doorway. It is 17% alcohol by volume.


Do you like wine that tastes like cherry pop and that might be named after a car company. You might want to try drinking the Chevy Nova.  In case you don’t know that wine that tastes like Cherry Pop is a bad thing then you might want to have a nice swig of Chianti that is made by a company called “Wines for Dummies.”


With some of the newer bizarre liquor for sale it is the name that is unusual. A good example is Fat Ass Tequila, which has a picture of a very round donkey on the label. Classy!  An equally enchanting name for booze is Balls Vodka. There are no testimonials on line to tell us if it tastes like what it is named after.


There are also some very odd novelty drinks out there on the market. A good example is Flashbang tequila, which is packaged so that it looks like a black grenade. In order to imbibe, you need to pull the pin.  According to reviews, the vodka inside this grenade is quite good and will blow your mind!