Taos for Skiing and Pueblo Vision Quests

Taos Ski Valley is a snowy alpine ski valley that is located in northern New Mexico. As it is such a popular vacation destination people from all over the world come to stay in one of the many superb Taos bed and breakfasts. Originally an Indian Pueblo, Taos can be described as a world-class ski resort, Spanish village and historic art colony all in one. It gets 300 days of solid sunshine and 300 inches of snow a year.


In the winter, skiing is the main event and the town boasts the important distinction of having banned ski boards from its slopes and streets. This has prevented this resort from turning into a wild college town during Spring break and qualifies it one of the safest towns for winter sports in general.  If you are a serious skiier you will appreciate this law as it means ou can ski fast without worrying about running over a kid.


As you may have guessed most of the Taos bed and breakfasts are built in the Spanish style complete with sparkling plastered walls and red and clay pink color schemes. However you can also find a few Swiss Chalet and Victorian style B and B’s perched in the mountains along with some one of a kind designer dwellings. Many of these dwellings are hardwood and clay and boast very high ceilings.  Each and every place is really different so it is fun to stay in a couple of different ones if you are staying a while.


Taos bed and breakfasts really do have an architecture all of their own that usually includes common room with soaring windows to allow you to view the mountainside. Examples of these Taos bed and breakfasts with beautiful views include the German influenced Austing Haus that is actually located on the slopes of the mountain and the American Artists Gallery House Bed and Breakfast that is famous for its Grand Marnier French Toast and Blue Corn Waffles.


Taos also prides itself on its indigenous programs and at Taos Pueblo there are several Indian ceremonies that are held during the year that the public is welcome to attend.  This is like having a special spiritul There is also an Indian owned casino called Tao Mountain Casino that offers craps, slots and blackjack.


Taos is a great place to take your girlfriend if the idea is to snuggle up  close to her in a ski chalet with the fire burning and warm brandy drinks.