The Most Affordable High-End Cigars

Cigars are like wine or scotch. The more money you are willing to invest in them the better they will taste.  Most men are willing to spend between two bucks and twenty-eight bucks for a premium hand-rolled smoke. However if you really want an amazing smoke, then you have to be willing to spend a bit more.


The Padron series known as 1926 80 Years were made to celebrate the eightieth birthday of the company founder Jose Orlando Padron.  This affordable premium cigar is made out of both maduro and natural wrappers and is packaged in boxes of eight.  A single Padron Series 1926 80 Years cigar costs about thirty bucks.


The Cohiba Esplendido costs $34.00 and is made by a company that has been producing cigars since the days of the Cuban missile crisis. JFK smoked these, ironically.  You can buy a pack of three of these for $92.


Stradavarius cigars are $34.70 USD each.  The gourmet smoke is an exotic blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican and Mexican tobaccos rolled in a Dominican habano seed wrapper.


For fifty bucks you can get a Louis XS cigar. It is only sold singly and was originally made in its famous rosado wrapper for tobacco lovers in the Beverly Hills cigar Club.


For fifty-five bucks you can get the Fuente Don OX BBMF, which stands for Big Bad Mother Fxxker.  This is an in-demand cigar that is quite hard to find as it is always so much in demand. It makes a man feel like quite the gangster to smoke one.


Cigars in the $78 – $79 range include the Fuente Don Arturo AnniverXario cigar that was created to celebrate the birthday of the founder of the company and the Arturo Fuente Opos X  “A” that is now considered to be one of the largest cigars ever made. It is 9.2 inches long and is also one of the rarest in the world.


Once you start looking at cigars over $100 there is a real jump in price.  A cigar man’s cigar is the Chohiba Heike, which is a 7.5 inch long cigar that costs $470 per smoke.


For $750 you can have a Ghrukha His Majesty’s Reserve cigar.  This is a 7.5 inch cigar that is infused with Louis XIII Cognac.  Only 100 boxes a year are made and a pack of twenty will set you back $15,000.


If presentation means everything to you then you will also like the Ghurka Black Dragon cigar. These 8.5 inch sticks are $1,150 each and come in a chest made from hand carved camel bone.  It doesn’t get more special than that, but a chest will set you back $115,000.