About Archery Crossbows

There are several different types of bows that can be used in field archery. A longbow is a tall type of bow that equal to or greater than the height of a person. It has no curve to it and in a cross section looks like a big D.

This is a very traditional weapon that is traditional used for hunting and warfare.It has been used by many cultures around the world, particularly during the Middle Ages. If you want to be true to Field Archery’s origins to hunting then this is the bow to use

A shortbow is like a smaller, lighter version of the longbow. Many people like the shortbow because it is easier to handle. It is one of the worst bows for flight shooting in which distance is most important and it can handicap you a bit too when it comes to field archery if the targets are quite far away.

Recurve bows can be used for field archery but they are more appropriate for target archery. This is the style of bow used for target archery at Olympic games.

Many basic recurve bows are made from laminated timber usually with a clear finish on the riser and the limbs having a layer of fiberglass applied each side for strength.  The bow is arced and resembles a handlebar mustache standing on its end.

A crossbow is a variation on the general bow design. Instead of the limbs being held vertically, they are mounted horizontally on a stock and held laterally to shoot.The limb design can either be compound (a bow constructed of many different pieces that can coma part.)  or a recurve but the basic concept of firing is the same. The string is pulled back either manually or with a windlass and locked into place. The string remains in this locked position/.

Crossbows are not generally used for field archery. The draw weight of the bow is usually written on the face of the lower limb  (the lower part of the bow.) The weight is noted in pounds at a draw length of 710mm (28 inches) as in  #20 @ 28.  This means that the bow has a full draw of 28 inches and that twenty pounds of force will be needed to hold the bowstring at this length.

A simple way to determine an approximate draw weight of a bow  (if it is not marked on the bow) is to add or subtract 2 lbs for each inch more that is taller or shorter.

A recommended draw weight for a field archery bow for beginners would bebetween 15-20 lbs. for children and between 20-25 for adults.

Strings are made out of all kinds of materials including Dacron, Arimid fibers and polyethylene.  Some types you have to wax and others you don’t have to.  Good strings for bows for field archery are Dyneema and Spectra, which are made out of polyethylene and last a very time. Neither brand needs waxing.