Tippmann X7 Flatline Equals Long Distance Accuracy

If you want to shoot a paint gun pellet one hundred feet farther than any typical paintball gun ever can then you want to consider the Tippmann Flatline Barrel.  This style of paint gun barrel gives you the ability to shoot accurately even if a canopy of leaves clouds your aim.  Furthermore it is very cool with a futuristic guerilla like feel. The Tippmann X7 Flatline also has the ability to keep your ball on its trajectory even if you are playing in very stormy or windy conditions.

The first time this type of barrel on a gun was introduced was in 1998. The design is widely imitated and now found on all kinds of different brands of A-5 paintball markers. You can also buy kits to adapt the Tippmann X7 Flatline to other kinds of markers.

You can change the barrel on your gun to this one with just a few simple twists of an Allen key. Some players even switch to this barrel in the middle of a game as they go from open field to forest play.  The Tippman X7 Flatline barrel is considered an almost mandatory upgrade for any serious woodsballer.

The reason the Tippmann X7 Flatline barrel was considered to be so groundbreaking is because the design creates a backspin on the ball that allows you to shoot in absolutely a straight line. Usually you would have to arch the ball and gun upwards to be accurate if shooting far. Of course if you are playing in thick forest, arching your paintball barrel creates the risk of having your paintball’s trajectory being interrupted by trees and leaves.

It should be noted that there is one slight flaw in the design of the Tippmann X7 Flatline and that is that the ball tends to spin slightly to the right or left as it shoots out of the barrel. This means that while you are shooting you might have to compensate a bit in one direction or another to make up for this askew aim.

This is not the gun barrel for you if you want to shoot thousands of rounds of paint in a short time.  However the Tippmann X7 Flatline Barrel is for you if you need to rely more on accuracy and shooting over very long distances to win the game. It is the paint gun that you need to be a rugged sharp shooter playing in less than ideal weather or in ‘woodsball” terrain.