Gifts of Bacon

What real dude would not love a gift of bacon?  Bacon is becoming a gourmet, sought after item and you can’t go wrong giving a dude that is obsessed with the delicious fried meat a gift like the Oscar Meyer Bacon Gift Box that features a pack of sumptuous smoked bacon as well as either bacon cufflinks, a money clip or a multi-tool. Imagine wearing those bacon cuff links to your next big date!  Classy.

Of course not all bacon gifts have to be food. The bacon theme comes to us in all kinds of miraculous ways including in the form of Bacon Strips Adhesive bandages. These are the usual sterile strips but instead of the usual white patch, they look like delicious strips of bacon. It will be very hard not to start drooling and gnaw on your own arm with these Bacon Stripp Adhesive Bandages dressing your wounds.

If you really love the smell of bacon and want it to permeate your kitchen, bathroom or car interior you can also buy bacon strip air freshener strips.  These strips of bacon look like the real thing and can be hung anywhere.  They sport that delicious aroma of just fried bacon that everyone loves so much.

If you want the taste of just sizzled pork fat on your lips at all times you might also want to try applying the Bacon Balm.  This is simply bacon flavored lip balm and it is bound to have her chewing on your lips.

You can also get the taste of bacon on your lips all day by simply sucking on a bacon lollipop all day.  The name of the company that buys these is called Man Bait so it might be a nice gift to give to that bacon-loving woman in your life as well. However if you really want to turn a woman on, why not wear a pair of boxer shorts with a nice print of fried bacon all over it.

If you like wearing your bacon then there are hand-knit bacon scarves that can be bought with a kind of tie at the neck that looks like a nice shiny sunny side up egg. These sold like wildfire at Christmas time on and were one of the most tacky novelty gifts of the season.

Finally, yes it is absolutely true. The more bacon you eat, the more of a real man you are!