BBQ and Flyfishing in Texas

No matter where you travel in the Good Old Boy State of Texas you are bound to have a lot of fun. This place is a dramatic mix of scenes from the Wild West complete with cowboys roping horses and oil wells and glassy modern cities, you are bound to find a Texas bar or restaurant that is a lot of fun. This is true whether you are staying in one of th older quainter little ranch style places  or on an actual raanch or in one the bigTexas B glass towers of a big cultural and business hub like Houston.


You might also want to plan to do a little fly-fishing on the Galveston coast (where all of the bed and breakfasts, cheap motels and campsites  are located across the highway from the beach) This recreational area is also a boon for fisherman and nature lovers. Fredericksburg, Texas is an outstanding spot for sportsmen to find year-round opportunities to hunt native and exotic species of animals.  You can set up a camper or just go and rough it in the dry bush with a back pack.


If you decide to stay in Houston make sure you take a visit to the space station, which is the home of the United States Space Shuttle.  The technology and aviation models in thi museum are exemplary!  Houston is also famous for its five star fusion cuisines if you are a foodie.


Be sure to visit Dallas, home of the cowboys and get some good down home bbq ribs, chicken fried steak and other great Texam fair. If you want a really high paying job, Dallas is truly the palce to look. Dallas hosts numerous million-dollar companies that like to hire adventure-loving macho guys that are not afraid to take risks.


The only thing grander than the huge size of Texas is its cultural diversity. People from all over the globe have settled here through the centuries, weaving a rich tapestry of traditions and art forms. Culturally you will see this reflected in the state’s cuisine, which ranges from Cajun Creole to European to cowboy style.   You will also see it in the women, many of who are Mexican descent.


No matter where you stay in Texas you are likely to be impressed by the “breakfast” part of the Texas bed and breakfast experience. Aside from providing the usual tea and crumpets you are likely to find everything from steaks, to pancakes to pork and beans served up to you in the morning.