High Tech Ear Wax Removal for Dudes on the Go

If you are on the road ear wax can be a potential menace. If you dive from cliffs or scuba dive you could end up bursting your eardrums if they are coated with wax. If you are climbing mountain the changes in air pressure could cause similar problems.  Too much earwax causes dizziness, vertigo and the kind of pain that has you missing out on a lot of sleep at night.


If you are an outdoor camping fan and like to sleep on the ground you also run the risk of having a bug climb into your ear.  If you are trekking through the mountains or hiking through a desert you might be a bit far from an emergency room.


For those who might be far from civilization and those who do not want to carry a box of Q-tip around with them in their backpack there are now amazing little gadgets that can help you view and clean your ears.


A useful gadget is the Ear Wax Camera and Cleaner which uses the magic of fiber optics to help you peer inside your ear to see how severe your earwax problem is. This gadget boasts a tiny miniature camera on the end of a cleaner wand and a handheld screen which allows you to see what is going on inside your ear while you poke around with the probe This is definitely helpful in aiding you in the removal of every last bit of ear wax without injuring your ear drum.  This is also a hygienic way to remove earwax because you can wash the end of the tip with alcohol or water.


The Ear Wax and Camera and Cleaner s small but the Lighted Ear Curette, which was basically a metal or plastic swab with a tiny LED diode on the end is even tinier. This unique gadget is technically a medical instrument and doctors use it to have a full view of the ear canal during the wax cleaning process.


The great thing about these gadgets is that they are smaller than a pair of batteries and are quite light to carry around.  They also spare you from littering camp grounds or wild areas with Q-Tips and if you have your very own Curette or Ear Camera and Cleaner then you also will never have to worry about running out of something to clean your ears with.  You will always be prepared!!