More Strange Foods From Around the World

Everyone loves coffee especially coffee from exotic parts of the world. However did you know that the most expensive coffee in the world is actually made from the feces of Civets.  Civets are small mammals that live in Southeast Asia. They snack on the coffee beans and then after the beans are defecated workers collect them to sell as Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It sells for about 150 USD per pound so you are not likely to find it at your local Starbucks.


Everyone knows that lye is used for making soap but if you want a real taste treat then try eating Lutefisk.   This delicacy is made from aged stock fish and lye. The fish is soaked in the caustic substance for several days unit it is translucent and flaky. It is then soaked for a week in cold water and served up with some berries.


For a real salty and juicy taste treat try eating a tuna eye.  A tuna eyeball costs about a dollar and are sold in styrofoam and plastic wrapped packages everywhere in China for about 1 USD.  Also in Asia, dried lizards infused with alcohol are served in soup or simply gnawed on as a snack.


If you are a fan of cheeses, but especially cheeses embedded with insects then you will love Casu Marzu. Casu Marzu is a Sardinia chees made from sheep’s milk that contains live insect larvae.  When you cut this cheese, the insects, that are only 15 cm long will swell up to 15 cm.  This is perhaps the creepiest cheese-eating experience offered anywhere in the world.


Speaking of bugs, do you fancy a nice tarantula treat.  A-Ping or fried tarantula is considered to be a delicacy in Cambodia.  The food first became popular when there were food shortages under the brutal Khmer Rouge regime.


The African equivalent of a bag of cheesies. Is a basket full of Mopane.  These are long thin caterpillars that biome a twisted ridge shape after drying for a few weeks in the sun..  This protein-rich crispy snack found in clusters on Mopane trees.


In Iceland a gourmet prize is to eat the heart of the Auk.  The head is ripped off the head of the bird and the heart is pulled out and eaten raw.


Another bizarre Chinese delicacy is Yak penis.  Yak penis is served up in a dish that is called “Dragon in the Flame of the Desire.”  You can get it at the Guolizhuang Restaurant of Beijing.