Greasy Breakfasts and Hurtin’ Tunes in Tennessee

In Tennessee it is all about the big greasy breakfasts and the hurting’ tunes. The state of Tennessee can geographically be divided into three areas – the central area which includes Nashville, the eastern region that includes Knoxville and the western area which is bordered by the Mississippi river.  The Smokey Mountains in the North are a big tourist attraction (hillbilly land) as is Memphis (the birthplace of Elvis.)


The middle of Tennessee is the most prosperous and is famous for it’s blues and country and western music. The eastern and the northern region is famous for bluegrass music (because it is so close to Kentucky) and the northern area has a Mississippi Delta cultural influence.  The culture is simple, for the people and tells the truth. If you have emotions to express or just want to go have a good time then you will love the howls and thumps that come with Tennessee tunes. Check online to see what festivals are on so you can take advantage of the true pleasure of seeing many great musicians playing this genre type of music at once.


The best places to stay in Tennessee are usually near the biggest attractions. Memphis is considered to be the home of rock and roll and also Graceland.  Everything is Elvis, Elvis, Elvis in Graceland. Expect to hear him singing everywhere and impersonators on every corner.


Pigeonville is the home of country singer Dolly Parton’s Dollywood. Nashville of course is the country music capital of the world.  You can also travel to Chattanooga, the home of the famous “choo choo” and also the Tennessee Aquarium, the Creative Discovery Museum and Rock City.


he style of architecture that characterizes the Tennessee bed and breakfast can vary from being anything a small wooden structure to a glamorous plantation type Southern mansion.  If you are into looking at ancient, large ruined mansions and Greek Revival and Roman style architecture, you will find many of the here. That is because there are just so many wonderful historic homes in Tennessee that have gone bankrupt or left abandoned.  We can all thank the recession for this sad state of affaires.


Tennessee bed and breakfasts are also renowned for their big greasy breakfasts, which include lots of fried meats, grits and steak-fried items. Tennessee bed and breakfast owners are very friendly but they don’t tolerate being pushed or rushed. Many of them also speak very slowly in a southern dialect that can be a bit hard to understand. If only real life had subtitles!