Great Barbecue Restaurants in Toronto

If you are planning on visiting Toronto, Ontario in Canada in the near future you might be interested to know that the place is become quite well known for its BBQ restaurants and festivals.  What dude doesn’t love a great BBQ.


One of the most famous is Tony Roma in the northern end of the city. This restaurant is actually a worldwide renowned franchise that serves up ribs and other barbecued meats with a bit of an Italian flair. This is a family restaurant that is decorated with lots of wood and lots of red fabric. For appetizers the restaurant serves up the usual deep fried mozzarella sticks and chicken wings as well as its signature onion loaf ($4.99.) Dinner selections include standard selections of chicken, ribs, shrimp and steak ($11.99 to $20.99). The ribs and riblets, which boast a tangy tomato sauce that is spiced just right, are highly recommended.


After the Blue Jays play, people enjoy BBQ at the Purple Pig. This sports bar in the popular Entertainment District of Toronto is famous for its baby back ribs ($17.99) that are grilled with a bit of an Asian flair (a touch of peanut sauce.) This true barbecue restaurant also offers smoked ribs ($8.50), dried ribs ($7.50) and pulled pork sandwiches. However if you are expecting genuine Texas bbq dishes you might be a bit disappointed as the Purple Pig is mostly sauce and grill as opposed to true roasting or barbecue.  Dinner here costs roughly $25 per person.


This cheery restaurant is located in the Junction area of Toronto, which is a mix of industrial, and residential that is becoming trendier every day. This humble little restaurant serves up quarter, half and whole chicken dinners along with generous helpings of rice and deliciously seasoned whole round potatoes. The okra and mixed vegetable dishes are also highly recommended.   A mealhere is only $16.00 per person.


This very popular eatery in Toronto’s nightclub district caters to a collegiate crowd. More of a bar than a true restaurant, Crocodile Rock serves up all kinds of snack-like pub food during “Feeding Time”. The menu includes plenty of Cajun and Creole dishes, oven-fired thin crust pizza as well as a selection of pastas, burgers and sandwiches.  The price tag is a bit expensive, though at $30 per person.


Additionally this city has a couple of Rib Festivals in public parks all over the city every summer as do some of the surroounding suburban areas such as Scarborough, Etobicoke and Stouffville.