Unique Bottled Water Packaging

Want to stand out when you go bicycling, hiking or jogging?  Carry a bottle of water that has unusual packaging.  Unique water bottles are kind of a status simple with some women.  You can show it to her while you are walking the dog or order it in a hip restaurant. It tells her that you have unusual tastes or are interested in exploring the arcane. It also shows her that you do not drink too much.


For a real conversation starter try carrying the ever so ironic TAPD NY. This is just plain old tap water from the New York faucets.  She might be impressed that you are so aware that bottled water is so much different other types of water.  Meltdown is another type of water that comes with an ecological message. It is packaged in a glass bottle with pictures of endangered species on the label. The use of the recyclable glass bottle tells her that you are concerned with pollution.


You might have already noticed that some kinds of water bottles feel really soft to the touch.  Some packaged water bottle companies are using what is called water skins to hold their water. This is a much thinner material than regular plastic.


It is also an indication to her that you are swank and will take her to great places to shop if you carry a custom labeled water from a place like The Peninsula Spa in Beverly Hills, Bloomingdales or from a city that you have just visited like Palm Springs.


Many water companies that produce tap water also put a designer bottle that looks great on a romantic dinner. This is a great addition if you are making dinner for her at home and you also want to show her that you are not a drunk.  For instance, Evian makes a towering decanter with an engraved modernist silver cap that is called the Evian Palace Bottle. It looks just like a condo.


Not all designer water bottles are about impressing your lady friends.  Some water bottles are designed just to be nifty. Have you ever considered filling your footwear with water?  Reef Dram Sandals double as water bottles. A hole in the side of the flip-flop style of shoe allows you to uncork it and then fill a glass with your desired beverage.  Equally handy are the small round water bottles that attach to your wrist with a Velcro strap. To take a drink while you are running on the treadmill you simply tilt your wrist up to your mouth and enjoy.


You can also enjoy a minor workout by buying water bottles shaped as dumbbells.  You can fill them with water and then show off your biceps by pumping them up and down.  Then when you are thirsty you can take a drink.