More Neat BBQ Gadgets

Dudes love to barbecue and they love to do it in style.


Do you have an Android or Apple phone? If so you can use a special attachment that has a cord with a couple of meat thermometers attached to test the temperature of your meat. You set your phone by the barbecue and a huge red digital number associated with the meat temperature is dispalyed on your cell phone screen.  The hardware and flashy app  for this meat thermometer will cost you $100.


Do you love meatballs?  If so you will really love the meatball basket. This is anotebook style grilling accessory that folds flat.  It has round molds that look like seives on either side for the meatballs. You simply fill them and then place the meatballs in the unit on the grill to create a tasty treat.  You can also put crab cakes in them or anything you like inside to give the food that unique, tasty BBQ taste. Some people grate potato and make grilled up latkes with it.  This gadget costs about $50.


The Smoking Gun is an interesting gadget that allows you to introduce smoke into the food without using a smoker.  You put the steak, fish or chicken in a ziploc bag and then fill the bag with smoke from the gun. You then let it sit in the smoke for a few mintues before cooking it for ten years.  This gizmo also sells for about $70.


Another handy gadget is the BBQ Wing Rack which is a rack that you put on top of the barbecue. It holds the wings and drumsticks in a way that they are positioned upside down. This allows you to have smoked bbq wings and legs. This costs about $17.99.


If you love pulling your meat, as would be the case with pulled pork, then you might really love the meat shredders on the market lately. These are little metal shredders that look like bear claws.  You can use them as meat leavers as well as tools to pull meat apart.  They usually cost about $15.00 to buy.


Love fondue?  Now you can get a barbecue grill that has a built in fondue pot. It is a flat tray on which is set a fondue pot. This allows you to dip your vegetables in the cheezy fondue as fast as possible. This type of unit costs about $35.  Think of yourself as being a kind of Swedish Barbecuer!