Myths About Boozing It Up


If you are like most guys who like a good dude venture you might like to get bombed every now and then. However like most contemporary men you might be thinking that some kinds of booze are better for you than others or that drinking certain combinations of alcohols can kill you.  Here is a look at some of the myths that prevail about boozehounds.


One big myth is that red wine is good for you so it is okay to drink a lot of it. This is only true as long as you drink about four to six ounces a day. If you drink less there is no beneficial effect and if you drink more you just get drunk.  The beneficial element in red wine is ethanol, which in small amounts reduces blood clots and improves your good cholesterol. The phenolic compounds that come from the grape’s skin, skin and flesh have also been proven to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.  The bottom line is that a small glass of red wine every day can reduce your chance of getting a heart attack by about 25%.


You may have also read some health reports claiming that beer is good for you. Although it is true that drinking beer every day may lower your risk of getting kidney cancer very slightly and also lower your chances of getting headaches, it is not really a health drink. Drinking too much beer leads to alcoholism, liver problems and psychological issues.


A lot of men are asked to take the Vodka and Red Bull Challenge. The theory is that if you mix Vodka and Red Bull that you are setting yourself up to have a heart attack or a stroke. That could be true if you already have a heart problem or if you are sensitive to caffeine. The expert psychopharacologists at Utrecht University say that the increase in heart race is about the same as when you run up the stairs or go for a jog. If you do not like the way you feel when you climb stairs or go for a jog then it is probably also not a good idea to mix up Red Bull and Vodka.


Another myth is that gin can make a grown man cry.  The wives’ tale is that if a man drinks gin all night he will soon end up blubbering.  The experts also disagree that this is true as well, stating that all alcohol is the same and if you are inclined to cry while drinking gin you are also inclined to cry while drinking wine, beer, scotch or any other kind of drink.