Collecting Cape May Diamonds

Cape May is a cape and peninsula, which is the southernmost point of the state of New Jersey, United States, but there is also a town named Cape May that calls itself America’s oldest sea resort right on the tip of the peninsula.


The town is well known for its large number of well-maintained Victorian-era homes that is second only to the collection of heritage treasures found in hilly San Francisco. In 1976 it was officially designated a National Historic landmark city which helped to also preserve the architecture of the many Cape May bed and breakfasts and inns. It is quite amazing to stay in one of these as it is like stepping into another era. Of course, there are a lot of campgrounds around and you can stay right on one of the sandy beaches in your own little quaint rented cabin if you want.


Many people go to Cape May for tourism, shopping, and for the beach. It draws a lot of visitors from Philadelphia, New York City and Quebec, Canada.


The Cape May area is also a world-famous location for the observation of migrating birds. Over four hundred bird species having been recorded in this area. Cape May Bird Observatory is based nearby at Cape May Point. It is hardest to book Cape May beds and breakfasts in the fall when watching migratory birds is at its peak. Be sure to bring a blind and state of the art binoculars.


Aside from been known both for its proper English food and Victorian gingerbread dwellings, the town also hosts the Cape May Jazz Festival, the Cape May Music Festival and the Cape May, New Jersey Film Festival.


Cape May is known traditionally as the home of the so-called ‘Cape May Diamonds’ that wash up on the shore. Many honeymooners spend a night in a Cape May beach house just to have the pleasure of gathering up these clear quartz pebbles that wash down from the Delaware River.  Gem collectors will also appreciate Cape May’s beaches, which also turn up genuine amethysts and smokey quartz every now and then. Collecting these stones or buying jewelry that has been created from these stones is a popular pastime in Cape May.  Imagine how impressed your girlfriend would be if you took her here and collected these stones to have a local jeweler make a bracelet or ring.