Booze That You Want to Buy to Keep the Bottle

Sometimes the best thing about a bottle of booze is the bottle that you get to keep afterwards.  That is certainly true of a couple of traditional types of liquor starting with the traditional wide-based bottle of Chianti that could be so easily could be turned into a rustic lamp.  That is because how the liquor is packaged can be just as important as what is in it.


Among the big affordable collectibles is any of the Milagro Tequila bottles. These are hand-blown glass bottles with a big crystal bubble with a point on the inside. They are bell-jar shaped and have a long tall neck.


Another great bottle is the $500 Remy Martin Cognac Louis XIII that is a flat circular bottle with glass blown studds coming out the top.  Glass stamps embellish the side of the bottle, which is toped with a huge elaborate glass decanter stop in the shape of a Fleurs de Lis.
Medea Vodka makes a bottle that broadcasts a message in a miniature LED screen on the label. Other than that it looks like a normal vodka bottle but it can flash various messages like Happy Birthday. You can set up a number of these bottles in a row to create a sentence.  The Medea Vodka company describes this as being the world’s first interactive vodka bottle.


For music lovers there is Jazz Vodka. This is a wonderful example of a literal bottle design. This trumpet shaped vodka vessel has been around since 1991 and it is still a popular gift for musicians.


The alcoholic beverage known as Tommy Guns is the size of a real machine gun. Made of solid glass it looks impressive on a mantelpiece.  A similar item is the Hijos De villa Pistol Reposdado Tequila. This is a beautiful lime green pistol- shaped bottle with the lid at the end of the barrel of the gun and it was released on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.


Another liquor filled firearm is Kalashnikov Vodka.  This is also a machine gun made of white glass. It comes in its own military green metal box and looks like a real Russian machine gun.


Armenian Brandy is a company that has been putting out very odd collector bottles for its liquor for years including models of bulls, dragons and old sailing ships. However one o fits oddest shapes is definitely the very large long sword that has the cork in the handle and looks just like a bladed weapon in tis sheath. This comes in a wooden box so it can be displayed.