Manly Aftershaves That Turn Women On

If you want to smell like a “real man” then it is best to wear a signature aftershave or eau de toilette that is known for having that heavy, sex god type smell.  A good example of a smell like this is Aramis Classic Reserve, which is packaged to look like a mickey of scotch but smells like a rich sandalwood with a sharp zing of juniper and cinnamon.  Launched in 1964 Aramis was the very first men’s fragrance to be sold in department stores and it continues to be a best seller all these years later.

Yet another really heavy male scent that Hugo Boss says is “reminiscent of the rush and thunder of moving water in nature” is Boss Pure by Hugo Boss.  This does have a heavy aquatic kind of smell but it is enhanced with lots of fig smells and sharp bursts of Mediterrean citrus.  This is not as heavy as Aramis, that is more for fall and winter and it is ideal a “heavy manly summer fragrance” because it is not too cloying.   The idea is that it makes you smell very clean.

Another very classic male smell is Tom Ford Extreme, which is a classic woody scent that has many gourmand ingredients in it and that is known as a real aphrodisiac for women.  It comes in a retro little brown ridged bottle with a tiny gold cap and it is very expensive. It costs about $160 U.S. for 50 ml.

If you want to smell like a Dude right out of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly then you might love Trumper’s Spanish Leather.  This is sandalwood mixed with notes that smell like dry pieces of leather.

Winston Churchill was a man’s man and he always wore the same cologne.  Vintage Tabarome from Creed is a mixture of leather and tobacco smells. This scent, rumored to also be a favorite of Humphrey Bogart, is not cheap but you will smell really rugged and sexy if you wear it.

For a cheap alternative try slicking a bit of Bay Rum on your hands and just running it through your hair. This is cheating a bit because it is actually hair cream, but the scent is a very tantalizing and masculine mix of cinnamon and leather fragrance notes.

If you just want to wear a scent that smells like pure leather than Oud Cuir D’Arabie from Montale in Paris is also a single not pure leather aroma with no sweet notes.