Snacks All Dudes Like Anytime

If you are a dude then you will probably approve of these ideas for snacks, which are simple, male-oriented and appeal to the male need for gluttony and immediate satisfaction –


A plate of really hot salami like capocelli or a whole bag of pepperoni made for putting on pizza.


Two fried eggs and chili mixed together and slopped over tortilla chips with a big glob of sour cream and cheese on top.


A really big dish of French-fries globbed with mayo or wasabi mayo.


A big bowl of poutine with gravy, curds and loads of sweet pulled pork on top.


Crackers with chunky peanut butter and dried bacon bits on top.


A rolled up piece of sliced pizza of any kind dipped in a side helping Ranch dressing.


A huge bowl of split pea soup with huge ham chunks.


Broiled hot dogs without the bun with hot barbecue sauce for dipping.


A big jar of pickled eggs for popping into your mouth one by one while watching the game.


A huge platter of Korean style barbecued short ribs.


A great big bowl of steamed mussels downed with a  big glass of beer.


Six to eight corn on the cobs right off of the barbecue slathered with real butter and a ton of salt and pepper


Any food that has the word “potpie” in its description as in beef pot pie, chicken pot pie or turkey pot pie with a big heap of mashed potatoes and a lot of gravy.

Anything that contains goose-fat, including goose-fat pate.


A big dish of extra-creamy scalloped potatoes with big slices of real bacon.


An entire frozen shrimp ring with really hot red horseradish sauce.


A big plate of portabella mushrooms fried in butter.


A big sugary cinnamon treat dripping with white icing and stuffed with globs of cool white whipped cream like the ones they serve at Cinnabon.


A big bowl of beans and pork with broiled hot dogs and an entire French bread stick drizzled with soft white butter.


A big plate of fiddleheads fried in butter.


A huge bowl of very hot chili with broiled hot dogs and cheese on top.


An entire turkey leg with stuffing, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.


A big dish of sweet and sour pork with fried wontons.


Big soft wedges of freshly baked bread wiped with big swaths of home-made garlic butter – made with roasted garlic!


An entire steamed lobster with a big bowl of butter!!


Now that should hit the spot!