Strange Foods From Around the World

Many dudes are also foodies that also like to travel. It is one thing to go looking for the best BBQ pulled pork sandwich in the deep south and yet another to go looking for the best Fried Brain Sandwich.  Fried Brain Sandwiches are breaded cow brains saved in a bun served with mayo. Of course, given the prevalence of Mad Cow disease this is not a recommended dish.  In some states, serving the dish is no longer legal but rumor is that you can still get some if you ask for it on the side.


Do you fancy some Mexican Ant larvae for dinner?  Ant larvae is actually loaded with protein.  Ants that cling to the roots of the agave plant taste like a nutty butter and are considered to be a delicacy in Mexico.


In Iceland raw hunks of shark are hung in shacks and left to ferment.  Hakari, as it is called, is supposed to be an acquired taste.  Anthony Bourdain of the Travel Channel said it was the worst thing he had ever eaten.


If you want to have real Bird’s Nest soup then you have to go all the way to China to try it.  This soup is made from bird’s nests made from bird saliva and it is known to be one of the most expensive foods on earth.  The red nest variety costs up to $10,000 per bowl.


Drunken shrimp is also a popular dish in China. The live shrimp are dropped into strong liquor so that they are stunned before cooking. They are then served live to the diner.  In the United States you can get this dish too, but by law, the shrimp must be cooked before it is served.


Surstromming is a northern Swedish variety of fermented Baltic herring.  It is usually sold in cans. Sometimes the cans bulge because there are so many chemical interactions going on inside the can.  It is the widely held opinion o f many that this canned fermented fish emits one of the worst odors in the world.


Another creepy dish from the Far East is called Sannakji. This is live octopus that is chopped up before your eyes and sprinkled with sesame oil. Often the dish is served with the amputated Octopus arms still writhing on the dish.


Many strange foods are actually eaten so they make you virile. If you really want to feel like a man try eating bull’s testicles. That have been flattened and deep fried. These are a treat from the American west called Rocky Mountain Oysters.