More of the Weirdest Booze Ever Marketed on Earth


When it comes to the marketing of alcohol it seems that many companies are really outdoing themselves to prove that their libation has extra special “good taste.”  A good example is Model Booze, which is made a German alcohol company called G Spirits. This company makes rum, whiskey and vodka that is poured over the breasts of Playboy models before it is bottled and sold to you.  For instance, their whiskey is poured all over the body of Playboy model Alexa Vargas and then bottled.  These expensive bottles of booze also come with a signed certificate.


Another interesting libation to try is called Mamma Mia!  Pizza Beer. One would be kind of hoping that the beer was somehow infused with artificial pizza flavoring but that is not the case.  When the beer is homebrewed, the makers steep a Mediterranean pizza in the tank. The ingredients on the pizza are cheese, tomatoes and basil.  The Seefurth Family that also makes beer-flavored pizza makes this beer.


It used to be that you needed a beer to quench the taste of hot chilies but this is not going to be possible if you are drinking a beer that is already infused with chilies.  There is a beer, made by Fallen Angel brewers, called “Fire in the Hall” that is infused with green chilies.  They also make one called “Black Death” that is infused with naga chilies.


Another strange libation is Milk Vodka. This Vermont White vodka is made from milk sugar and nothing else, which makes it taste like a cross between vanilla and powdered sugar.  In Japan there is a similar product called “Bilk” that is made of seventy percent beer and 30 percent milk, thus leading a few people to think that they are at least getting some calcium if they decide to have beer for breakfast!


A seriously weird drink is Ruou Mat Ran (Snake Wine) that is said to have medicinal properties.  This is a Vietnamese beverage that features a snake holding a scorpion or mouse in its jaws. The snake is coiled throughout the entire bottle and some brands feature several snakes in one bottle.  If you love drinking the brine of pickled animals you will love Snake Wine.


However, the truly adventurous can travel up to the Eldorado hotel bar in the Yukon to enjoy drinking the Sourtoe Cocktail.  This is a beer mug filled with Champagne with a real preserved human toe in the bottom.  The toe was originally the frostbitten appendage of a miner who had it amputated in the 1920s.  If you drink this, and the rule is that the toe must touch your lips, you leave the bar with a membership and a certificate.