Maui’s Black Beaches and Splashing Waterfalls

If you want to go somewhere raw, beautiful and volcanic then go to Maui on the Hawaiian Islands.It’s wide beaches; lush rain forests, expansive mountaintop vistas, and humpback whale sighting tours make the Island Maui a very popular tourist destination. However, you do not have to be a tourist about it. It is much easier to reserve your place to stay in a Maui beachside cottage or cute inn or rental condo than it used to be as the city gets much less visitor traffic from Asia than (thanks to an unfavorable difference in exchange rates. You can camp here too as long as you do not mind getting drenched by tropical rains every after noon.


The island has several regions. The central valley has two main towns, which are Kahului and Waikuku. Kahului is where the airport and the good shopping is. Wailuku, the county seat and government center, is a quiet former plantation town with a genteel feel. The Maui bed and breakfasts are not that elaborate as these towns function more as stop-over points on the way to your real vacation destination which is more likely to be beachside.


West Maui is the main tourist center of the island, home to most of the island’s resort destinations. A really interesting place to vistmmLahaina, which is an old whaling town on the west coast. South Maui is similar but more undeveloped as a tourist area.  Both are interesting for those who are interested in maritime history.


The most rural and unpopulated area is East Maui and you will find many isolated beaches near in the town of Hana that is located in a tropical forest filled with splashing waterfalls.  Everything is so beautiful here that a trip to Hana is considered to be almost spiritual. If you are trying to heal a broken heart this is a good place to stay; the natural serenity keeps you sane and calm.  It is also a good place to go if you want to stop drinking or a similar addiction.


Overall the Island is famous for it’s black sand beaches, whales, sea arches, tropical forests and alpine wildernesses. It is also famous for it’s pineapples and coconuts which will no doubt in some way be served to you as part of the deal when you stay at any of the Maui inns or motels.  Seafood and fruit combinations are a specialty cuisine here; cooked over an open flame so that everything is carmelized.  Absolutely a delicious place to visit!