Must-Have Golf Gadgets

Your golf game can be enhanced by any of the great golf gadgets that are on the market nowadays. Some of them are very practical and quite expensive and others are a bit heaper and lasso a bit of a joke.


One practical gadget is called the SkyKap, which is advertised as a “caddy in your hat.” This is a voice-activated microcomputer GPS system that reveals the terrain of the golf course for you right on the brim of the hat. The SkyKap gives you information about sand traps, par distances, water and lots more. You can expect to pay about what you would for a regular GPS plus a bit more. It is a sophisticated piece of expensive technology that is kept safe on top of your head instead of dangling around your neck or in your pocket.


Another great piece of technology is the Laser Alignment Putting Trainer, which is actually used by Tiger Woods.  This is a laser that is reflected onto an L-shaped mirror that is attached to the tip of your putter to show you whether or not your putter should be level with the ground at the moment of impact or not.


Do you like to golf in the evening? Then you will like the Twilighttracer Golf Ball, which features a golf ball that contains a high-intensity internal LED. This ball will flash colored lights for up to five minutes after you hit. This means you can still enjoy your game in dim light conditions.


Do you have a collection of expensive clubs? If so then you might want to get a Golf Bag Alarm System. This kind of device looks like a golf ball but inside of it is a motion sensing radio transmitter that doubles as a golf ball. Should the golf ball detect any movement it will emit a shrill alarm to the companion fob that you carry on your key chain.


If you have a sense of humor you might want to get a Weed Whacking Golf Driver. This is a golf club that also has a weed whacker built right into it. This means if you shoot your ball into a grassy jungle you can trim some of the green in the way by using your weedwhacker.

Another gadget that falls into the “joke” category are the urinal golf clubs that comes with handles with a hollow shaft that holds your urine. This is known as the Uroclub and saves you the trouble of having to run off into the trees to urinate. Classy!!